Refereed Papers

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    # Featured as the back cover
  3. Makoto Komori*, Ken Komiya*(*equally contributed), Takuma Shirakawa, Takamitsu J. Morikawa and Toru Yoshimura
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    # Featured as Paper in Forefront
  4. Ken Komiya, Makoto Komori, Chizuru Noda, Satoshi Kobayashi, Toru Yoshimura and Masayuki Yamamura
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    # Featured as the outside front cover
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    # Nominated for Best Conference Paper Award
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  11. 小宮健,ジョン A. ローズ,山村雅幸
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    Ken Komiya, John A. Rose and Masayuki Yamamura
    “Autonomous DNA-Molecule Computing
    —Towards Construction of in vitro Intelligence—”
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Non-refereed Papers

  1. 池田亮太,小林聡,小宮健
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  4. 小宮健,山村雅幸
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  5. 外舘悠仁,小宮健,山村雅幸
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  7. 小宮健,ジョン A. ローズ,山村雅幸
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